The AAS is governed by:

The General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all Fellows of The African Academy of Sciences. The General Assembly is the highest and ultimate decision-making governance organ of the Academy to which the Governing Council is responsible. It appoints the Governing Council, oversees election of Fellows and approves long-term plans of The Academy.

The Governing Council

This is the Board of Directors of The African Academy of Sciences. It consists of 11 members elected by the General Assembly. The president of the General Assembly is the Chairman of the Governing Council. The Council exercises oversight on The AAS Secretariat directly as well as through its committees. It is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and assessing The Academy’s programmes to ensure they are in line with the priorities of the General Assembly. It establishes policies and provides strategic thinking. It also conducts the election of new fellows, prepares the agenda for the General Assembly, reviews and approves the selection of affiliate members and appoints auditors.

The Senior Management Team (SMT)

Consists of the senior management staff in the Secretariat of The Academy. The Executive Director is the Chairman of the SMT. The SMT oversees day-to-day operations of the Secretariat and reports to the Governing Council.

The Secretariat 

The secretariat includes all staff at The AAS headquarters who implement The AAS tripartite mandate in line with the vision, mission and strategy of The AAS.