AAS Vision

Transformed lives through science
AAS Mission
Leverage resources through research excellence and thought leadership for sustainable development
Strategic Themes

Excellence: Support the best people, places and programmes to undertake relevant research

  • Support the best people to do the best science
  • Initiate relevant programmes that address developmental gaps
  • Strengthen African institutions to become excellent and adaptable to needs
  • Translate science into products, policies and practices

Partnerships: Nurture strategic partnerships

  • Increase and diversify the number of partners
  • Strengthen engagement with stakeholders
  • Enhance our visibility

Our People: Provide an enabling environment for learning and growth

  • Ensure structured growth and learning culture to attract and retain the best talent
  • Foster better communication
  • Develop a functional campus that facilitates an enabling work environment
S is for sustainability. We aim to sustain our relations with our partners, sustain our institution/programs through sound fund raising and sustain our energy levels for the work we do.
E is about empathy, how we value people (us as colleagues, our partners, the African govts, our stakeholders at all levels of engagement including people in the villages who are impacted by our work.
T is about being one team- Working-as-One-Team means we can’t afford to operate in isolation if we want AAS to succeed. Everyone in every team or work area needs to:
  • Contribute to AAS’s success and our success
  • Know and value each other’s roles, contributions, strengths and skills
  • Remain focused on the big picture and do what’s needed whether it's technically our job or not
  • Be willing to switch roles, help others and cultivate cross-boundary cooperation

Our Values

Integrity (we cultivate respect, transparency and accountability);

Diversity (we are inclusive & Pan African in our focus);

Excellence (we support innovative ideas for impact); and

Empathy (we value people).